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Quick 5 Minute Guide to Live Handball Betting

August 12, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

What is live handball betting?

Live handball betting is simply a process of placing a bet on a Handball match right along with the action. 

Indulging in live betting is a thrilling affair because you get a chance to enjoy the game from a completely different level. It is all too exciting to pay close attention to the action and analyze how it affects the overall gameplay and the numbers on the betting side. Simply put, it takes away the requirement to decide what you think is worth betting on before the match.

Handball is full of action, drama, and goals galore in which players use their hands to bounce, pass and hurl the ball towards the opponent’s net. The goalkeeper plays a crucial role to block the opponent’s throws and build confidence in the team.

Several best online betting India casino platforms offer odds for Handball tournaments and competitions. You can browse from the list of popular markets and place your pre-match or in-play bet that best suits your betting style.

Now it’s time to get back to the core topic.

Here we present you a five-minute guide to Live Handball betting.

How to Bet on Handball? 

Betting on Handball is as easy as ABC. Here we’ll guide you on how to bet on Handball. Consider going through these steps below:

Register at the Best Online Sportsbook

First, you have to register on your preferred sports betting website. Make sure it is licensed and safe for sharing your credentials and banking transactions.

For a better experience, we recommend you to register at BetBarter, India, which offers competitive handball betting odds on major competitions such as the IGH world Championship, Summer Olympic, EHG Champions League, and other domestic leagues.

There will be plenty of other tournaments around the year, so you will find one for yourself whenever you buzz in. 

Make your First Deposit

Second, you have to make some deposits after creating your betting account. You will find a cashier or banking section to make your payment as you navigate to the website.

Choose one of the payment methods with which are you more comfortable. You can choose between eWallets, Credit/Debit Cards or Bank transfers. It’s your call. After you decide, input your payment details and click confirm after setting your deposit amount. 

Navigate to the Handball Section

Third, navigate to the handball section after clicking on the sportsbook page. Most sites have made it easy to choose from the A-Z list of sports to navigate your favourite sport from the list.

If that’s the provision, select Handball from the list and look out for the league or competition you want to bet. In most cases, you can view the upcoming fixture and select the match directly on which you wish to bet. 

Check the Odds and Place Your Bets

You have arrived at the second last step, where you are required to look for the betting market and their respective odds for each outcome. The betting market is diverse – from match-winner bet to total bet, you can choose and add your selection to your betting slip. Then you are required to confirm your bet amount. 

After placing your bet, you can lean back on your recliner and watch the action unfold as you have to wait till the end of the match to see the outcomes of your bet.

If you are also into cricket betting and want to utilize this idle time, you can also read our IPL betting tips that can come in handy when betting on IPL matches. 

Some online betting sites also offer a live streaming service, so if you want to enjoy handball betting with heart-pounding action, use the live streaming feature. 

Hope you got the idea of how to bet on Handball. Now get into the action!

Most Popular Handball Betting Markets

Although there aren’t many Handball betting markets compared to other sports, the available ones are easy to understand.

Along with the traditional match winner bet, handicap and totals, you will generally find these markets offered on top online sportsbooks during the various championships.  

  • Accumulators 
  • Half Time/Full Time
  • Match Odds
  • Over/Under goals
  • Specific players totals

Best Handball Betting Tips

Below we’ve covered the best handball betting tips, which can be helpful to improve your winning chances and make wise betting decisions.

Do Plenty of Research

Betting on Handball without knowing the ins and outs of the team, competition, betting market and other factors will be ineffective. Therefore you must consider these things when betting on Handball online.

Before betting, it is better to find out the match record of competing teams, players’ forms and injury reports to make better betting decisions. To get first-hand information on these factors, follow the team on social media and make sure to check the Handball sites and news to catch the latest updates.

Only bet on odds with the value

When betting, it is better to make mental speculations than rely on what your heart says. Unless you are a high roller and want to bet on your favourite team, make use of your analytical skills rather than your heart. If you have done enough research, it will not be challenging to estimate odds, bankroll, and other factors.

Use your analytical approach to assess the bookies’ odds with your odds to elevate your winning chances. 

Never Bet on a Draw

Unlike Soccer, the matches of handball rarely end in a draw. Handball is an intense sport which is played with a hand.

The size of the playing field is relatively smaller than Soccer or Basketball. So it isn’t anything surprising to see the match ending with a combined score of 50 or 60.

Even if you find odds offered by bookies on this market, it is better not to try your luck on this.

Bet on a team with Best Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper is the most crucial player in handball that can boost and impact the team’s overall performance. Unlike other players, they are much under pressure and have to demonstrate specific technical and tactical skills to block the opponents’ throws. 

Their tasks differ significantly from the actions of other players on the field. They act independently in the limited space (Goalkeeper Area) to protect the entire team from conceding goals. A reliable goalie has a crucial role in providing a better level of trust and confidence during the game to his teammates.

Thus, it is better to spend your hard-earned money on the Handball team with the best goalkeeper to enhance your winning chances. 

Bottom Line

Now you know how to bet on Handball online by applying the best tips. It’s time to register on our recommended platform to get into the action.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned bettor, you’ll not regret betting on Handball because it offers more thrills and a display of fast-paced action than other sports. It is indeed an excellent sport to bet on.

Last but essential, remember to join BetBarter – India’s trendiest betting platform for all your sports betting needs and play responsibly to avoid accumulating unnecessary debt.

Best wishes!


Where can I bet on Handball? 

It is no doubt that you will find plenty of sportsbooks or betting sites if you search on Google, but that will be quite time-consuming to find the best one. Thus if you consider our recommendation seriously, register at BetBarter India for the best-in-class Handball betting experience. 

Whether you like to bet on European matches or domestic tournaments, get the best odds and chance to win attractive bonuses and promotions signing up at BetBarter. 

Can I bet on Handball live? 

Off course! The blazing-fast gameplay and scoring frequency make handball best suited for live betting. Handball is one of the trendiest fixtures with online sportsbooks’ live betting platforms. Browse for best odds by selecting the matches as it changes with every passage of play. 

Can I bet on Handball from my smartphone? 

Absolutely! Most online sports betting sites are compatible on both Android and IOS devices, so whether you like to bet from your cosy corner or on the go, you will love the mobile handball betting experience.

You can sign up or log in via your mobile browser to view the handball odds and engage in Handball betting.

You can easily bet on Handball matches at Betbarter from your mobile or smartphone by accessing the Betbarter site via browser. There is no need for downloading any app or software on your smartphone.

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.