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5 Easy Steps to Become a High Roller in Online Gambling

April 9, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

High Rollers are the most privileged players who enjoy bigger bonuses, sizable payouts and strong loyalty point in online casinos. On top of that, high rollers often receive tickets to exclusive events through VIP programs such as holiday packages, movie premieres or 10-20 percent cashback on the loss. Moreover, the high rollers get personalized and dedicated support from the casino support managers. 

There are many other benefits of being a high roller in India. If you have just stepped into the online casino world or trying to upgrade into high roller status then the good news is that you are in the right place. In this post, you will be guided through five easy steps to become a high roller in online gambling.


Are you ready to reap the high roller rewards in the best online casino of India? Then, let’s get started! 

1. Build a High Roller Mindset: 

The first step to becoming a high roller is to have a high roller mindset. While you can’t fake about your real status, you can follow the habit of prodigal players. What do the high rollers do? They don’t hesitate to put larger bets thinking of the risk they have to possibly bear.

There will be a risk, but you have to think big. Do you want to settle with small wins if you have a chance to make it bigger? Please note that high roller needs to have mental tolerance for extreme gambling. Make sure that you are prepared for it. 

2. Choose Something to Specialize in

High rollers specialize in a particular game that suits their temperament. If you want to be a recreational gambler, that is another thing. But for high rollers, focusing on the subtle aspect of the game is crucial.

So you can either try your hands on Blackjack or Poker to learn the game mechanics and master its strategy. 

You can also focus on sports betting as it offers bigger payouts on your bets. As a high roller, you need to consider the risk and reward ratio. 

You can buy any number of chips you want, but style and expertise cannot be purchased. It should be acquired with hard work and dedication.

4. Bet Big at Slot Games

Betting at slot games is one of the easiest ways to get noticed by the casino. Most whales indeed play table games, but high roller slots rooms deliver excellent payouts. If you bet 10,000 INR over the weekend, there is high chance of climbing the online casino VIP ladder at a good pace. 

The opportunity to win multiplier rewards and hitting bigger jackpots are already there for high rollers in slot games. As well as, you will also be upgrading your status for earning considerable rewards offered by the online casinos. 

4. Bet on Best Online Casinos for Higher Rewards 

Each online casino has their specific reward systems. So, you have to look out for the best online casinos like and that offer impressive and lucrative rewards for the high rollers. 

It makes no sense to bet at a substandard casino if it doesn’t offer lavish rewards and attractive bonuses to unrestrained players. Therefore, only register on those sites that provide at least 4 figure standard match bonus for your extended gameplay. 

If you are playing in the casino that values your bets, you will be able to set your goal of reaching the high roller status. For this, you can visit the loyalty program page of the online casino and take an update of the points needed to reach the VIP level. 

5. Make a Big Deposit: 

Some online casinos take account of the deposits you transfer in their gaming platform. They get more impressed by your deposit amounts compared to your initial wager in the game. In fact, they will start believing that you are willing to bet lavishly with your bigger deposits. 

Apart from this, many online casinos offer a surprisingly high bonus for your massive deposits. You will also receive preferential treatment from the casino if you deposit more than 10,000 INR. It includes gifts & weekly payouts, provision of personal VIP manager, exclusive bonus & promotions and special withdrawal service. 

The Benefit of Becoming High Roller

high roller offer

Many players aspire to become high roller, but when they realize they have to cover a long distance of loss and hardship, they leave the battlefield.

We agree that people love to win big but who would like to risk big stakes for hours of entertainment and whooping prize money. Let us first know why someone should want to become a prodigal player in the first place.

In many cases, if players create their accounts into multiple online casinos and spread their bet, they can take advantage of the points they earn more efficiently. Sticking to this process will help them to reach a status of a high roller.

Just imagine yourself visiting multiple restaurants in your area. You know better where to find the best dish and which dish the particular eateries specializes in. 

And once you become a regular customer of those restaurants, you will be treated quite differently in a more intimate and welcoming way. You will receive the same type of hospitality in the online casino industry once you become a VIP customer.

And most of the casino enthusiast knows how much they have to gamble to reach there.

Let’s discuss in brief what kind of perks and program does high roller can benefit from once they climb up in status at a site.

Designated VIP Host and Support

A casino VIP team is trained to provide special care to its VIP customers, and they can offer you bonuses and perks without reaching the higher-level staff member for approval.

Unlike the regular customers, the high rollers will be provided with special telephone and account numbers for the excellent customer support service. Since the VIP staff members have a limited number of clients to handle, they are available 24/7 for the high roller’s needs.

Special Bonuses

Since higher roller players tend to deposit a larger amount, they will receive a bonus amount more than the regular casino customer. 

From a perk perspective, this isn’t what High roller will remember for long, but almost everyone loves to have a free dinner at the grand palace in the presence of a beautiful fan bearer on your side.

If you have got the analogy, you know what it means to have a pocket loaded with substantial cash.  

Private Tournament

Casinos can invite high rollers in a private tournament to give away cash prizes. These can be anything from slots to an online poker tournament. Still, they are typically free and available to a selected group of high rollers, making the odds of winning real cash even higher.

Extra Cash Back

Casinos regularly give extra cashback to the high rollers providing them with an opportunity to extend their fun and entertainment.  

Enhanced Deposit and Withdrawal Preferences

For a High roller, casinos provide enhanced deposit and withdrawal facilities. It is because high rollers regularly need to deposit and cash out. Casinos have just accommodated them with the facilities upgrading the basic one into a premium.

Special Occasion Bonuses

Land-based casinos know how to cast their net wide among the high rollers sending them gifts on special occasions. Casinos keep track of your birthdays and casino sign-up date to wish you on that particular day with big respect and sincerity. As a gift, they provide your special bonus or reward to your casino balance. 

Higher Table Limits

High rollers always roll high even while playing online casino games. Casinos love to provide a higher table limit to the players who are regular and spend wholeheartedly. 

Private Event Invitations 

This is an offer that everyone craves to be invited to special events that a casino sponsors. 

What about a ticket to Manchester VS Liverpool match at the old Trafford? Just imagine you being there and taking a selfie with either Manu or Liverpool player. 

What about a chilled trip to Simla or Kasmir? Oh, and what about attending a movie premiere with your favourite Starcast? 

Neither the Sun nor the moon waits for me. They appear and show the magic they want. 

Most premium online casino clicks back on your shoulder, giving a tinge of happiness in your face. Sometimes they add a new travel itinerary to offer you a majestic vacation trip.

In the past, online casinos have rewarded high rollers with fantastic offers for their casino loyalty. 

You can also win an exciting offer if you register at one of India’s best high roller casinos named BetBarter. 


There are no hard and fast rules to become a high roller. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will slowly gain high roller accreditation.

Plus, you need to have a big bankroll to impress the casino and earn their creamy rewards. 

It’s time to play online casino games in India for real money and boost your fortune with high roller rewards & payouts. 


Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Brijesh Mehta is a content writer & strategist from India providing his top-notch skills & expertise in the Sports and online casino industry for more than seven years. He is an avid reader and creative writer who is fond of words and uses them to teach others about online betting and trending sports news through his in-depth guides.