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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of NHL Betting

July 12, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

What is NHL?

The NHL (National Hockey League) is an annual ice hockey league in North America. It is made up of thirty-one competing clubs divided into four divisions that represent the two conferences.

The league begins in November, which also happens to be the month it was founded.

The NHL is rated as the sixth most valuable professional sports competition for online betting.

What is Online NHL Betting?

Hockey is a popular sport for high-stakes gambling. Hockey betting, unlike basketball and football, is a low-scoring game. It also offers various betting categories to select the most acceptable alternative for you to wager on.

Even though there are few betting groups to pick from, you can make a lot of money if you do it right.

In the next section, we will provide you with NHL betting tips.

But if you are interested in cricket betting and want to improve your winning chances, you can read our free ipl betting tips.

NHL Hockey Betting Tips

nhl hockey betting tips

Consider the following successful NHL hockey betting tips if you want to bring home a substantial amount of money.

Find the Best Lines

Like in other sports betting games, you must choose the online sportsbook with the greatest lines and odds for NHL betting.

When you wager with an intent to lose, you are undermining your aim of boosting your bankroll.

The concept of betting is based on a win-or-lose situation, but you can have a chance to win big if you register at a betting site that provides competitive odds and a variety of betting markets.

Getting the best odds and lines also involves joining up with two or more trustworthy bookies.

It will allow you to compare the odds generation of one bookmaker to another.

Furthermore, many bookies provide higher pay and bonuses, which can considerably boost your profits.

Make sure you look around and bet on where you can get the best deal.

Lastly, educate yourself on how to tell the difference between different sorts of betting odds so that you can make more informed and better decisions.

Use Parlay Wisely

Parlay bets are the most common type of hockey bets.

It’s a popular category since you can bet on one or two games with a single ticket. On the other hand, Parlays are known as sucker bets since they take all of your money. To win this bet, you must win all of the entries on your ticket.

If you win two games and lose the third, you will receive nothing. Therefore, you should utilize them wisely because it is an all-or-nothing hockey betting option.

There is nothing wrong to bet in the parlay category, but you must be confident that all of your entries have a chance of winning. Keep in mind that the prize is considerable, so make an informed selection.

Limit Gambling On the Heavy Favourites

You may have followed numerous sports betting tips in the past, which may have influenced your decision to support the heavy favorites.

Although the favorites have an excellent track record, they cannot guarantee that your wager will be safe with them.

Underdogs can sometimes win when the odds are stacked against them.

If you still want to back the favorite, remember to break even or remain below a 200 value to avoid losing a lot of money.

When their star player is hurt or their team is the victim of an official decision, the favorite might have a problem in winning the game.

It doesn’t hurt to gamble on the underdogs, who significantly add real value to NHL games.

Do Your Research

We have mentioned this in many sports betting tips and would like to repeat it.

You should do your research to find the best lines and odds. It may not be possible for you to form a winning mathematical equation that could help you win on your bet. But, you can form practical bets when you get an insight into the teams and players performance inside the field.

Invest your time to study the pre-match analysis of teams playing, their injury reports, and other helpful information. Through this, you can figure out the strength and weaknesses of your team and its rival.

Don’t Chase Losses

This is the last of our NHL hockey betting tips for success, but it might be the most crucial. Many people are good at picking winners, but they waste their profits owing to poor money management.

That is exactly what the bookies want you to do: pursue your losses. Losing streaks in betting are unavoidable, and increasing your bets to “make up for what you lost” is a natural temptation.

However, the losing run will not last forever, and you should stick to one of the best NHL betting systems to guarantee you have enough money to play with when you start picking winners again.

Bottom Line

Hockey betting adds to the excitement of one of the world’s most exciting sports. Every night, the challenging, fast-paced play on the NHL rink gives a diverse menu of hockey odds and activity, with the added thrill of betting on the playoffs and the Stanley Cup Final, giving you plenty of opportunities to profit from the pucks.

Hockey betting may appear to be an easy way to generate money, but winning presents a challenge that can bring out your finest qualities.

You must maintain your composure and avoid letting your emotions affect your judgments. Instead of allowing your emotions to affect how you select a deserved bet, be alert and use your logical skills.

Remember to register at BetBarter, an online betting India casino for the best hockey odds, fast and secure withdrawals and free bets and promotions. Betbarter provides the best experience of online sports betting in India.


How to bet on NHL games?

The simplest method to bet on NHL games is to bet on the win/lose market. You can try a Moneyline bet where you just have to pick the lines and add the amount to your betslip, predicting your team to win.

For example, a Moneyline of +200 indicates that if you bet $100 ( 7422) and are correct, you will profit $200(14845). Plus symbol before the odds value is used for underdogs.

A -200 Moneyline, for example, means that if you bet $200(14845) and won, you would gain $100(7422. Minus symbol before the odds value is used for favourites.

What are the popular alternative NHL bets?

Apart from Moneyline, Puckline and over/under bets, there are other alternative popular hockey bets such as Parlays, Prop bets, futures and derivatives that hockey fans can gamble on. 

Where can I bet on the NHL online?

There are plenty of online sportsbooks in India where you can bet on the NHL. Among them, BetBarter is the best online legal sportsbook in India for hockey betting.

What does the puck line mean in hockey betting?

The puck line is the same as the point spread in hockey. You can bet on whether a team will win or lose by a particular number of goals, most often 1.5 goals, in NHL betting.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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