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Top 10 best horror-themed slots to scare you out of your wits

May 16, 2021

Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

Top Best Horror-Themed Online Slots

If you are fond of horror movies, you probably enjoy playing horror-themed slots. To your surprise, there is an endless list of horror-themed slot games offered by casino sites that are both fun and horrifying.

horror themed slots games

Stick around as we are going to share the list of our top 10 best online horror slot machine games which are as interesting as Deuces Wild Slot game and will provide you an ultimate horror experience. So, let’s get started!

1. Blood Eternal

The number one slot game on our list is our favorite, Blood Eternal. Blood Eternal is a vampire-themed horror game that offers you a thrilling experience. This slot game is both horrifying and romantic that people can’t seem to get enough of it.

Its theme includes a dark room with a soft haunting music and special graphic effects like blood spatters. With 3 rows and 6 columns, blood eternal allows players to hit 6-of-a-kind winning combinations.

To provide you with a great experience, this game offers some exciting bonuses like free spins, double symbols, or extra wilds when the vampire finds a victim. This game can be a good option for those who love the idea of vampires.

2. Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is another vampire-themed slot game presented by NetEnt. The illustration is somewhere between cartoonish and fine art with a lot of shading and colorful accents.

The game features a dark spooky background with very detailed and illustrated icons with a vampire theme. The unique symbols of the game include a clove of garlic, a bible with a silver cross atop, a blue potion vial, with final features like a bow, pistol, and bloodied arrow.

The characters of the game involve three male vampires and a winged female vampire. Free bonuses like scatter wins, free spins, wild substitutes, and a vampire-slaying bonus are available to make your experience more exciting.

3. Day of the Dead

Though there is a horror movie present with the same title, this game is different from the actual movie. The game is a 5-reeled video slot inspired by the Spanish festival of the dead ‘El Dia de Muertos’ (a holiday in Mexico).

It features a horror background with creepy symbols like dancing skeletons, candles, flowers, food, and other colorful and horrific symbols.

The frightening sound effects are exceptional and the chilling characters of the slot game will give you a horror experience.

Bonuses like free spins and big multipliers will help increase your chances of winnings. Overall, the game is very exciting and can make you win a huge profit.

4. Wicked Witch

You must be familiar with the traditional stories of witches with black magics. Wicked Witch slot is inspired by the same black magic, witches, and secret rituals.

The dark and mysterious theme of the game with top-notch graphics and a unique environment offers a realistic and stunning experience. And, its soft spooky music and the detailed graphics effects will keep you engaged for hours.

The universe of this game is induced by dark magic and the entire game is covered with magical symbols and artifacts. You will see a strange liquid brewing inside a cauldron on the side and a mysterious green bright color glowing from the window on the other side.

If you are a fan of mysterious dark rituals, this game can be a great choice for you.

5. Blood Queen

Blood Queen slot is all about vampire romance stories that most audiences would prefer. Being both frightening and fun, Blood Queen offers 20 generous pay lines and exciting bonus features.

Its creepy soundtrack and vampire-themed graphics do a great job of creating an entertaining experience. While the bonuses like free spins travel wilds and much more are available that can increase your odds of winning.

The game features two main characters in which the players can choose any side between the human vampire hunter and an undead seductress.

Blood Queen is a great option for someone fond of vampire games featuring romance as well.

6. Wicked Circus

There may not be anything more frightening than a creepy clown. This game is a horror-themed 5-reel slot machine game featuring a circus in the background and a clown as the main character.

A circus may be a place for enjoyment and fun during the day but the situation is the exact opposite at the night. The same environment becomes creepy, dark and scary. The Wicked Circus online slot offers the same vibe.

The theme is dimly lit and the graphics and the symbols are incredibly realistic and scary. This game will provide you with a great horror experience if you are fond of horror games and movies.

Though the wicket circus is somewhat difficult to understand, this game can be the most rewarding once you build the experience for it.

7. Circus of Horror

Circus of Horror is another horror slot game featuring creepy clowns including other nightmare characters like crazed killers, demons, and mummies.

This frightening slot comes with some neat features and exciting graphics that are not the one for a faint-hearted person.

You can experience all the horrors revolving around the clowns and the other circus workers. And also get a chance to encounter other horror characters like vampires, chainsaw-wielding masochists, necro nurses, and horned beasts.

The RTP of this online slot game is very high. Other exciting features of this slot game are its impressive bonus rounds like a free spin with a 3x multiplier on every win and electric chair bonus games available to increase your winning chances.

8. Lost Vegas

If you are fond of zombies, the classic Lost Vegas slot can be perfect for you. This online slot by the popular gaming provider, Microgaming is one of the most popular horror-themed slot games. If you want to experience a horrific experience with zombies, this game is packed with one.

Lost Vegas slot features characters like regular humans and zombies in which the players can choose either to be a brain-eating zombie or a survivor.

The animations are well detailed, and the alarming background and the horrific symbols offer you a spine-chilling episode.

You can also take advantage of exciting bonuses like free spins and blackout bonuses. With this slot, you can enjoy its horror while making money out of it.

9. The Wolf’s Bane

The Wolf’s Bane is another popular horror-themed slot that was launched on the Halloween of 2019. It offers amazing yet creepy graphics that portray the player as a fanged clawed menace that keeps stalking an old village under the luminescence of the full moon. Also, the sound effects of the game are suspenseful and can make you quiver in fear.

This 5-reel, 3-row dark-themed slot offers other incredible features like free spins and a pick-and-click bonus feature. With The Wolf’s Bane, the player can win up to 50 times their bet if played properly.

10. Dracula Slot

The last slot in our list is the wonderful Dracula Slot. Just like your favorite Dracula movie, this casino game is scary and condescending. The game is inspired by frightening characters like Dracula and its incredible graphics will give you a terrifying gaming experience.

The 5-reel and 4-row slot is developed by NetEnt slot in cooperation with Universal Studios. The slot offers a wonderful horror theme with a piece of amazing yet creepy music. The excitement is doubled with the available bonuses like free spins in which you can observe a spooky Dracula sitting there while watching your every spin from above. Other great features of this slot include regular wild symbols, stacked wilds and bat bonus feature.

Dracula Slot is available for both desktop and mobile phones, and it combines romance and horror that provides an incredible slots experience. This graphically stunning horror-themed slot game would be a great choice for you are looking for horror gaming experience.


These are the top ten horror-themed slot games that will provide you with a thrilling and fun experience. Either you like vampires or clowns, there are tons of options for you to choose from.

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Written By,

Brijesh Mehta

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